Different Types of Harmonium

Nowadays, there are different types of harmonium available on the market. Initially, there was a simple harmonium available, but with growing demand; manufacturers have introduced a variety of styles for their customers. Here are the most popular types of the harmonium.

Foldable and Standing Harmoniums

Folding HarmoniumMost people love to go with folding harmoniums as they have a portable design and are also easy to carry around. The standing harmonium comes with a stand and is an ideal choice for those who prefer to perform while standing.

Perhaps the most famous type of harmonium, the foldable model is extremely portable and allows you to carry it effortlessly. On the other hand, the standing model has a stand and is ideal for those who prefer to perform while standing.

Compact Harmonium

Compact Harmonium

As the name suggests, this a small type of harmonium featuring a carrying case.  This is a smaller harmonium as compared to the standard one but can produce a similar sound with the entire range.

Scale Changer Harmonium

Scale Changer Harmonium

This type of harmonium offers a full sound pattern and is extremely harmonious with the versatile sound pattern.Scale changer harmonium has 42 keys along with 5 adjustable drones. Also, there is a possibility of using a coupler in the scale changer harmonium.

Coupler Harmonium

Harmonium with Coupler

The type of harmonium can produce a sound that can incorporate the next lower octave to offer a powerful and richer sound altogether.

The disadvantage is that you will need to pump more air into the instrument to maintain the sound, so you will work harder pumping.

22-Microtone Harmonium

22-Microtone HarmoniumDeveloped by Vidyadhar Oke, this harmonium has 22 microtones which are essential to Indian classical music. The best thing about these notes is that you can use them for any raga.

Samvadini Harmonium

Samvadini Harmonium

A typical Indian style harmonium, it was then improvised with a swarmandal (harp-like box) to help the render cut notes and a high-speed passage.

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